Dominique Agisca Diyose








Born : Semarang, August 7th 1988. She is a model and artist from Indonesia.

Career: From a little young girl she was in modelling and go to the modelling school but began serious in model since in junior school.

Eva Celia Latjuba

Eva Celia Latjuba born in Jakarta, 21 September 1992. Born from artist Indra Lesmana and Sophia Latjuba.
Acting is a new thing for her. Her first play was in FTV production and she was with her mother starred that movie.

Susan Bachtiar

Fullname: Susan Meilani Bachtiar


Is she cute, hot or sexy?

Elena Santie

Mysterious Cute Girl


Dinda KanyaDewi

She is an Indonesia artist. Born in Balikpapan Feb 5 th 1987. Her career began when a cover girl finalist on 2002. She often show up in TV as video clip model like in Ungu video clip, Samson etc. She played some films like Kawin Kontrak, My Diary (2007),Beranak Dalam Kubur (2007),Kawin Kontrak (2008), Claudia/Jasmine (2008).

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